Professional Hand Analysis by Michele Lee

You are in the drivers seat, I am your Co-Pilot guiding you with a map of your hands on your path with Love and Wisdom.

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Discovering Your Life Path


Professionally Certified

American Academy of Hand Analysis Level One & Level Two Intensive Hand Analysis Graduate – 2014
Level Three Intensive Year Long Graduate – 2015

Your Journey Starts Here

These words often thought when taking a serious look at oneself on your journey of internal discovery. You are here for specific reasons. You have a handy guide map within reach, and all it takes is the right tools to be able to find your path to living your life on purpose.



You were able to tell me more in one hour about myself than years of expensive therapy.
Erin D., Chico, CA


What Path Is Your Soul's Destiny On?

Love or Closeness?
Wisdom or Risk?
Peace or Panic?
Service or Sacrifice?

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